the light inside the face by Rumi

The soul gives off a light. You are that beauty.
How does the soul stand such light?

Great elegant-feathered, many-colored bird
inside whose stretching wing-shadow
even crows become stately messengers,
you grace this unforgivable place with kindness.
You help those who hurt, loosening their knotted hearts.

Oceans disappear and reappear
inside this pearl that you are.

I weep when we meet, asking,
How unfaithful have you been, my friend?

And I cry out loud when we leave each other,
Is this how you stay faithful?

Yet there is joy in being apart,
pleasure even here.

When loving goes truly insane, you are the cause,
because you once lived there in the controlling mind,
and then you left and took all coherence away.

A face opens. You are the face
within the face, the light. Forgive me.


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