5 most important books!


List the 5 most important books you’ve ever read. Don’t think too much, just get a pen, or open a new post, and start listing books. When you’re done, go book and write a sentence or two about why each book ended up on your list. Do you think those books would have been more or less important had you read them at a different time in your life? Or would each one have effected you just as much regardless of when you read them?

aaaah!! Ive been passionate about books all my life!!.. I love them more than anything. Much of what I am and what I think belongs to my most favorite books!! They’ve made me understand life and the world better. They’ve changed my naive perspective of the people and the world. They’ve matured my mind. They’ve taken me out of my preconcieved notions and given my beliefs and thought a strong hold and Im lucky to have read them. I’m sure these five books would have had the same effect no matter whatever the time I’d read them in my life =)


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  1. ℛaymond M. says:

    You sound like an avid reader like me! Haha! It is always great to read what other people think about books! 🙂

    I loved Lord of the Flies too. It definitely changed some of my outlooks on people. Great book.

    &Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. aahin says:

    Really? Im glad to know you loved it too!!
    I read it at a time when everyone around me was part of this book, I could literally name them as Jack, Simon,, its the most realistic yet fiction novel for me!! 🙂

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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