And it all comes down to nothing!

Sad at how life has been for quite some time. There are things you presume you have complete control over but they .. just slip out of your hands.. just like that.. and everything just blows into thin air like vapours.. like a minor movement blows the entire house of cards into ashes!

Why does one put everything one has to achieve just one thing, just one desire his soul has been too tempted to attain! Whats the motivation? Whats behind this strong feeling?

The attainment of a feeling that seems to encompass all his needs and the only thing that makes him feel alive! But yet when he has finally achieved it, putting all his past, present and future at stake just to achieve THAT feeling which makes him proud of himself, the king of the entire universe, he realizes it weighs nothing, shallow, empty!

WHY? All his hard work meant nothing? Was it all futile?! To finally achieve what he wanted once so badly and realizing in the end that it was worthless?


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