Why The Answer To Prayer Is Delayed – Rumi

Ah! Many earnest suppliants wail forth prayers, Till the smoke of their wailing rises to heaven. Yes, the perfume of the incense of sinners’ groans mounts up above the lofty roof of Heaven. Then the angels supplicate God, saying, “O Thou that hearest prayer and relievest pain, Thy faithful slave is bowing down before Thee….

5 most important books!

List the 5 most important books you’ve ever read. Don’t think too much, just get a pen, or open a new post, and start listing books. When you’re done, go book and write a sentence or two about why each book ended up on your list. Do you think those books would have been more…

Rumi’s The Mathnawi

Yet another awesome book on Rumi! =) I have been wanting to read his anecdotes, and finally I can enjoy them.

the sweet blade of your anger by Rumi

What is the use of going to see a mountain cliff if your face is not there? Why hear the secret of secrets if you are not mentioned? If Adam and Eve and their family knew nothing of you, whom should I ask? What if I get prosperity and honors and all the satisfactions anyone…

the light inside the face by Rumi

The soul gives off a light. You are that beauty. How does the soul stand such light? Great elegant-feathered, many-colored bird inside whose stretching wing-shadow even crows become stately messengers, you grace this unforgivable place with kindness. You help those who hurt, loosening their knotted hearts. Oceans disappear and reappear inside this pearl that you…

Buoyancy by Rumi

Love has taken away my practices and filled me with poetry. I tried to keep quietly repeating No strength but yours, but I couldn’t. I had to clap and sing. I used to be respectable, chaste and stable, but who can stand in this strong wind and remember those things? A mountain keeps an echo…

The Big Red Book!

I finally got hold of Rumi’s Bestest Collection. Now I can finally satisfy my insatiable craving! 😉 Will update you on the wonderful wisdom the Red Book offers pretty soon 🙂